Mortgage Financial Consultation

Real-Estate-2Purchasing a big ticket item such as property will definitely need a sound financial planning. However, do you have what it takes to guarantee your mortgage financing on the property that you would want to purchase?

In fact, many purchasers are not truly aware of the requirements, or could be not up to date with the latest changes in the ruling of the financial lending market, which could end up in delay of obtaining mortgage financing, penalty for cancellation of booking due to failure to obtain financing, or having to fork out large amount of cash due to huge difference in banker valuation and sale price.

A quick example, do you know that in Malaysia, there are several banks that will not be providing financing for leasehold master title property that is more than 10 years?

NexusHill Capital is here to provide free Mortgage Financial Consultation to every purchaser that is seeking to understand their financial situation to securing a mortgage financing for their new launch and sub-sales property purchases.

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