Capital Market

Capital GrowthThe capital market is one of the highly sought after channel that an individual or entity can monetize from different market events around the world.

On a local outlook, the Malaysian capital market grew to RM2.76 trillion in 2014, equivalent to 2.6 times the size of the Malaysian economy, according to the latest annual report from the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

The Securities Commission of Malaysia had reported that the capital market would continue to be an important source of financing for the economy, with RM91.9 billion raised through initial public offerings and private debt securities (PDS). Capital-raising exceeded RM90 billion for the third consecutive year, illustrating the capital market’s deepened capacity to meet Malaysia’s real economy financing needs.

While the capital market is very volatile, proper investment knowledge with strict selection criteria would see a higher chance in your investment providing you a handsome return through capital gains and or good dividend yield.

While most of the people had an old thinking that money can be only made from a bullish market, there are actually other financial leveraging instrument that will enable you to make profit from both a bull and bear market. However, proper knowledge and execution will be required in such specific instruments like derivatives.

In order to find out more on equity market, derivatives, futures contract and commodities, let us explain to your further here.